The media is looking for stories to air on a fast moving 24-7 media cycle. With the relationships we have built with editors and producers, we are able to find out how best to position your story within their editorial schedule.


Crafting a media pitch and delivering it to the right contact, on the right day to ensure the story makes it into the production meeting is not an easy task. After many years of working with media, we have the relationships to get the story to the public.


Setting up for your big launch requires attention to key details for media, celebrities, lighting, sound and the ever-important red carpet! (try getting one of those rented during TIFF in Toronto.) Let us take care of all the intricacies of red carpet protocol while you enjoy the bright lights and attention your deserve on your big day.


A journey always starts with a map! We create a tailored plan for you and your brand to follow as we engage with media to tell your story. The plan outlines tactics for engaging with key media, long-lead strategies for magazines or perhaps identifying key editors to pitch for your specific niche.


Our team of seasoned media professionals are able to craft a media release that tells your story, invites response and includes all the details media need to make a decision to support your campaign. Relationships cultivated over years allow us to bring your message to the gatekeepers.


Ready? Set? Launch! Getting all the elements together to have a successful launch of your product or campaign takes planning and skill. Let us handle all the details involved - inviting, welcoming, communication tools, marketing banners, catering, wine chilled, mics recording? Let's do this!


Media is looking to tell stories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have built the relationships with producers, editors and assignment teams over the past 20 years needed to get your story out.